North Korean Activist Reveals New Information About Kim Jong-Un’s Absence

North Korean Activist Reveals New Information About Kim Jong-Un's Absence

Rumors over North Korean Leader’s health condition have been circulating for several weeks now, especially after he wasn’t spotted during the Day of the Sun celebrations on the 15th of April.

North Korean dissident and human rights activist Yeonmi Park has tweeted that Jong-Un is alive and well, despite various unconfirmed reports suggesting that “he is in a vegetative state following a failed heart surgery.” US-based Park added that the North Korean leader is just “hiding out of fear of contracting the novel coronavirus”.

Park also questioned official North Korean reports that say; the country has no coronavirus cases, arguing that the pandemic is “spreading uncontrollably” in her home country.

Yet, the North Korean outspoken critic didn’t provide any further proof of her claims.

Despite statements made by several international figures denying the news of the 36-year old leader’s death or severe sickness, North Korean officials haven’t provided any major evidence that Jong-Un is alive.

Several media reports had hinted that he may have been brain-dead following a heart surgery he’s rumored to have undertaken lately.

Last Saturday, Reuters reported that China had sent a team of doctors and a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department to Pyongyang during the week, suggesting a possible link to news of Jong-Un’s deteriorating health.

In the meantime, observers continue to examine different reports trying to locate Jong-Un, who despite his young age reportedly suffers from cardiac diseases due to obesity and heavy smoking habits.

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