New Zealand says it’s free of coronavirus

  • New Zealand’s Health Ministry says the country, which implemented one of the toughest lockdowns anywhere in the world, no longer has any active cases of coronavirus. The last case of the disease was reported on May 22.

  • Pakistan’s coronavirus cases have crossed the 100,000 mark after 4,728 new infections were reported on Sunday.

  • Coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, as well as in India. New York is also due to begin emerging from its lockdown on Monday.

  • More than 7 million people around the world have now been confirmed to have coronavirus with nearly 403,000 dying from the disease, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The US, the UK and Brazil have recorded the highest death tolls.
  • 09:20 GMT – Pakistan’s former prime minister tests positive for COVID-19

    Pakistan’s former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has tested positive for coronavirus, his family and party confirmed on Monday.

    Abbasi, who served as prime minister for 10 months from 2017 to 2018 following the disqualification of three-time premier Nawaz Sharif, has gone into self-isolation.

  • Meanwhile, Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, and former health minister for northeastern Punjab province, Khawaja Salman Rafiq, have also contracted the virus.

    A spokesman for Pakistan Railways confirmed that Ahmed, who has no apparent symptoms, has isolated himself at his home in Rawalpindi after testing positive.

    Other high-profile politicians who were infected in Pakistan include governor of southeastern Sindh province Imran Ismail, and parliament speaker Asad Qaiser.

    08:30 GMT – Heathrow boss says millions of jobs could be lost if planes stay grounded

    Hundreds of thousands of jobs, if not millions, could be lost in Britain if aviation is not able to resume quickly, the chief executive of London’s Heathrow Airport said.

    Britain introduced a 14-day quarantine period for international arrivals on Monday despite warnings from its biggest airlines that the move will decimate domestic tourism and damage exports.

    “We cannot go on like this as a country,” Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye told Sky News. “We need to start planning to reopen our borders.

    “If we don’t get aviation moving again quickly, in a very safe way, then we are going to lose hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs in the UK just at the time when we need to be rebuilding our economy.”

  • 08:00 – GMT – Beijing calls on US senator to present evidence of China COVID-19 vaccine ‘sabotage’

    China said US Senator Rick Scott should present the evidence for his accusation that Beijing is trying to slow down or sabotage the development of a COVID-19 vaccine by Western countries.

    Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying made the remarks during a daily briefing on Monday, responding to the Republican senator’s comments during an interview on BBC TV.

    Scott declined to give details on the evidence when asked during the interview but said it had come through the intelligence community. 

    07:42 GMT – India: More public spaces reopened despite record infections

    Malls and temples reopened in several cities across India on Monday despite the country recording a record daily number of new coronavirus infections, with the pandemic expected to ravage the country for weeks to come.

    After a 10-week lockdown the government has risked lifting some restrictions in a bid to ease the devastating blow to the economy dealt by the coronavirus.

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