New Details of Al-Hayba Season 5

Fans of Al-Hayba franchise have been wondering whether season five will be aired next Ramadan.

In the latest update, it’s been confirmed that season finale of Al-Hayba will not be broadcast in Ramadan 2021.

The information circulated confirmed that the fifth season of the series follows the same pattern of season four in terms of storyline and plot.

Al-Sabah production company added that the final season will be shown after Ramadan as a result of the delay in filming due to the Coronavirus crisis and lack of time.

In addition, producers of the show intend to carry out outstanding preparations for season finale as well as adding new stars, especially since producers have previously decided to conclude the whole show with a cinematic movie about the main events and character, Taim Hassan.

Producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, said that the fifth season was decided when new developments in the final episodes of season four had emerged, and here director Samer Barqawi decided all the points which season 5 can be built on.

The producer confirmed that the fifth season will shed light on how people like Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal have reached sensitive positions in the state.

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