Neslihan Atagül Snaps at Press Because of a Question About Burak Özçivit (Video)

Neslihan Atagül Snaps at Press Because of a Question About Burak Özçivit (Video)

Neslihan is one supportive wife.

Turkish actress Neslihan Atagül has attended the launch of Hatemoğlu AW 2020/2021 collection as a sign of support to her husband, actor and face of brand Hatemoğlu, Kadir Doğulu.

On their way out of the event, press was waiting for the couple to take exclusive statements about the launch.

Well that what Neslihan had expected, but instead the press dug up some old story about co-star Burak Özçivit.

They asked Atagül: “If you ever receive an offer to co-star in a movie with the actor Burak Özçivit, would you agree?”

Neslihan was shocked to hear this kind of an unexpected question after an eventful ceremony about sustainable fashion.

At first she said: “What does it have to do with this you guys?!”

“You ask questions only to ask”.

Meanwhile, husband Kadir Doğulu interrupted her and said while laughing: “He’s asking this on purpose. Let’s go my soul”

Neslihan continued: “We do not meet a lot, and this is what you ask?!”

“I really don’t like these questions.”

Then Kadir added: “What does she have to do with it? Let the way be open to everybody.”

Then Doğulu said: “I’m sorry but you ask weird questions.”

Thankfully, another reporter lightened up the situation and asked the actress: “Mrs. Neslihan, when do you think of getting pregnant?”

She jokingly answered: “I am thinking, are you thinking too?” forcing her husband and everyone present to laugh.

There is bad blood between Kadir Doğulu and Burak Özçivit.

It has been reported that Kadir was jealous on wife Neslihan while filming romantic scenes with Burak in their hit series Kara Sevda (Blind Love) between 2015-2017.

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