Nefertiti’s Identity in The Masked Singer Arabia Revealed.. Not Elham Shaheen Or Nabila Obaid! (Video)

Did you guess who was behind Nefertiti’s costume?

In yesterday’s episode of The Masked Singer aired on MBC, it was time to reveal the celebrity disguised as Nefertiti.

Judges of the show; Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdel Nour, Egyptian actor Hassan Al-Raddad, Saudi actor Muhanned Al-Hamdi and Syrian actor Qusai Khouli have ventured guesses of who was behind that custome, such as Elham Shaheen, Nabila Obaid and Essad Youniss.

Unfortunately, none of their estimations were correct, as Nefertiti turned out to be Egyptian veteran Nadia Al-Jundi.

The four judges were so excited to see who was the hidden celebrity after weeks of speculations and waiting, as they started banging on their table as Nadia started revealing her identity.

From the judges and to the audience’s reaction, everyone was in extreme shock when they all had the first glimpse of Nadia with Cyrine Abdelnour screaming ‘OMG’.

In a series of mini interviews with the stars of the show, Hassan El-Raddad said that it was a huge and an unexpected surprise to see Nadia Al-Jundi behind that costume, while Qusai Khouli confirmed Nadia’s stardom status of being number one in the world of cinema, adding that she’s the master of the field not only in Egypt, but in the Arab world as a whole.

As for the star of the episode Nadia Al-Jundi, she revealed that she chose to disguise as Nefertiti because she was captivated by her historical status as Queen of Egypt.

Al-Jundi added that it was hard to wear the costume especially the mask, and the dress was too heavy.

She continued that the plot of the show was different and untraditional, so she was excited to take part in something unusual.

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