Nawal Al Zoghbi Opens up About Her Dream Man

The Lebanese star, Nawal Al Zoghbi, revealed the reason why she never re-married.

Despite her beauty and unbelievable success the singer explained that she never re-married again and that the first time she got married was a total failure.

Nawal said: ”When I got married I was 18 years-old, and it was a failed experience as it reached separation.”

‘It was very difficult as we had kids and it was a great responsibility and I got so tired by the time my kids grew older,’

Speaking to Yasmine Ezz,  Nawal added: ”I refuse to marry someone who restricts my potentials, as much as the presence of a man is important, but the stardom of the artist with an eastern man is a huge problem, as at some time there is competition with her and from there comes jealousy and problems.”

The singer continued to talk about what she looks for in a man, where she revealed that does not ask for any specifications, but if she was looking for someone, it is important that he is a man with a great personality, charisma and affection, as the singer also stated that she would want someone to feel safe with.

Nawal tied the knot with Elie Deeb in 1990, and the duo welcomed three children together, Tia, 24, Joey, 20, and George Deeb, 20. Al Zoghbi and Deeb eventually went their separate ways in 2011.

Ezz asked the Lebanese artist to open up about the rumors surfacing her and Wael Kfoury after the release of their duet.

Nawal answered: ”People thought we were married, and that we were in a relationship but there was nothing between us, Wael I love him a lot and he is very proud of his friendships,  he is a Lebanese artist who is going through great success.”

She added: ‘I think that this rumor came out because people still want this thing to happen, fans did not know that I was married, and people just wanted famous people to get toghether.’

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