Nasser Al Qasabi Provokes Saudis Because of This Scene in Series “Exit 7”

Nasser Al Qasabi Provokes Saudis Because of This Scene in Series "Exit 7"

The 11th episode of Saudi comedy series Makhraj 7 “Exit 7” provoked the Saudi society and sparked a strong state of controversy and anger; as many considered it a serious transgression of red lines, and a discussion of an issue that is considered immoral and unethical in the Saudi society, and strictly punishable by law.

The episode sparked a debate about the LGBTQ community, and Dokhi (played by Nasser Al Qasabi) showed his objection to using the rainbow as a symbol of LGBTQ, and that they have their own style and fashion.

Dokhi’s objection reached a point where he recorded a video in which he demanded burning homosexuals, as well as evicting them from the society on the pretext that they are against conventional human instinct.

When Dokhi’s on-screen daughter Aseel Omran saw the video, she objected to what he did, and said that homosexuals are human beings with rights, and that they have the right to live according to their nature, as well as the possibility of having a condition that made them homosexual.

Later in the episode, Dokhi and his brother Gharib met with two homosexuals who asked Dokhi to hold the rainbow flag and apologize for his statements, but Dokhi shocked them even more and said: “To hell with you … something disgusting and dirty, and we must expose the wrongs.”

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