Naomi Campbell Shows Off Her Love For Egypt

British supermodel Naomi Campbell took to Instagram on Tuesday to share shots from her recent trip to Egypt — and it’s been reported that she has a particular interest in Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

One boomerang clip showed the 50-year-old model jumping off a curb with the Great Pyramids of Giza in her background.

Captioning the artistic clip, Campbell wrote: “BEAUTIFUL EGYPT!!”

The star’s post was not just to show off one of the seven wonders of the world, but it was also to celebrate Black History Month.

“Jumping into #BLACKHISTORYMONTH … WHERE IT ALL BEGAN !!” she wrote to her 10.1 million followers. “More than ever our culture has the right to know our Ancestry, they label black people in America as African Americans, but do they educate you about this beautiful continent?”

Campbell also urged education systems around the world to teach the children about Africa’s history.

“Africa should be compulsory and be put in the education curriculum!!! TIMES HAVE CHANGED… can’t hold back our minds… so we can unite on a global scale of celebrating this BLACK HISTORY MONTH AS ONE (sic),” she explained.

It was reported last month that Campbell was visiting Egypt to witness the first archeological discovery in the country in 2021, which included dozens of archeological finds and a Pharaonic funerary temple near the Saqqara area.

Renowned Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass said during a telephone interview with presenter Ahmed Moussa, host of “Ala Masoolity” on local TV channel Sada El-Balad, that “she (was) here because she believes in ‘reincarnation,’ which is believing that she has previously lived in a parallel life, and she thinks she was Queen Cleopatra.”

“I told her Cleopatra wasn’t originally black, she was Greek. However, she admires Cleopatra and she told me that she would have loved to play the role of the Queen instead of the Israeli actress (Gal Gadot) who is currently playing the role in Hollywood,” added Hawass, referring to director Patty Jenkins’ upcoming film.

The archeologist said that the model is returning to Egypt soon and they will visit Luxor and Alexandria, which she did not get a chance to go to this time.

“(Her visit) had a great impact. For a star that is well-known worldwide to come to Egypt during this tough time … there is no doubt that this is an important message,” he said.

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