Nanny Caught Savagely Slapping Toddler in a Horrifying Video in China

Nanny Caught Savagely Slapping Toddler in a Horrifying Video in China

A nanny in China has been punished by police after she was caught savagely slapping an 11-month-old boy while looking after the baby alone.

Security camera footage shows the woman spoon-feeding the infant before suddenly hitting the child’s face multiple times.

The 54-year-old, known by her surname Zhang, told the authorities that she was feeling resentful from being scolded by the boy’s parents before the incident.

Ms Zhang was fined and given 10-day detention after the boy’s parents discovered the incident through the CCTV camera and contacted police in north-eastern province Heilongjiang.


The boy’s mother was said to be watching the live surveillance footage when she spotted the horrifying scene last Tuesday.

The nanny is seen in the CCTV footage feeding the boy with a spoon while the infant was sitting on a high chair.

While the child was eating the food, Ms Zhang suddenly slapped the boy twice to make him let go of the spoon.

The woman then hit the baby again while cleaning his mouth with a wipe. She is said to have slapped the youngster five times within the two-minute clip.

Ms Zhang can be heard saying to the boy in the video: ‘You’re just looking to be smacked.’

Shocked by what they saw, the parents checked through the security footage and spotted the nanny violently pushing their child to the ground a few days earlier.

The boy is seen in the video tottering towards Ms Zhang who was scrolling on her phone. He was elbowed by the woman before falling to the floor and hitting his head.

The family immediately contacted the police and the recruitment agency that employed Ms Zhang after watching through the footage.

While being questioned by officers, the nanny claimed that she hit the baby because she was feeling irritated from previously being scolded by the parents.

Police gave Ms Zhang 10-day detention and a fine of 500 yuan (£55) as punishment, according to Pear Video.

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