Nancy Ajram Wants to Open up About Terrifying Home Invasion in New Documentary

Nancy Ajram Wants to Open up About Terrifying Home Invasion in New Documentary

Back in January, Lebanese pop singer Nancy Ajram’s  husband, celebrity dentist Fadi Al-Hashem, reportedly shot and killed an armed assailant who broke into the superstar’s Beirut property in the early hours of the morning while their two young children were sleeping.

El-Hachem was subsequently charged with the murder of the masked assailant identifed as Mohammad Al-Mousa, after shooting him 16 times.

Now, a new documentary entitled “The Full Story,” scheduled to premiere on Arabic streaming service Shahid VIP on July 16, will revisit the burglary that took place at the singer’s Beirut residence earlier in the year. The documentary will even feature real-life footage from the night of the home invasion.

In a short snippet posted to the video on demand platform’s Twitter account, a conversation between Ajram and an interviewer can be heard, with the singer saying “Minutes passed by like a year. Did Fadi die? He didn’t die.” The interviewer then says, “There are details that we, and the people, need to know. You’re going to tell us everything,” to which, Ajram replies, “Of course.”

It’s not the first time that the “Ah w Nos” singer will publicly address the terrifying burglary. Just days after the home invasion, Ajram spoke to LBCI Lebanon News, and urged people to “put themselves in her husband’s shoes.”

“Before anything, Fadi is a father and a husband. He has responsibilities. He is a human being… It was a normal reaction to the threat he experienced,” she said.

During the interview, Ajram also opened up about how she hid in the bathroom when she realized there was an intruder in her home. “I heard Fadi telling him ‘whatever you want.’ When I heard this sentence, I knew the intruder was a robber and I ran to the bathroom with my phone. I called my father first because I was scared… I was shaking and I was in a state that I can’t describe to anyone. I called my father and told him ‘dad there is a thief in the house… do something now, Fadi and I and the children are home.”

Hopefully the new documentary will shed more light on the incident.

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