Nancy Ajram Joins TikTok After Branding the App ‘A Waste of Time!’ (Video)

Nancy Ajram Joins TikTok After Branding the App 'A Waste of Time!' (Video)

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has announced that she will join TikTok.

Nancy announced the news by sharing a creative video on Instagram and Twitter co-starring with her three daughters, Mila Ella and Lia.

The video gathered more than 1.5 million views on Instagram and 220k views on Twitter within 17 hours since she shared them.

In the video, Mila and Ella were following their mother Nancy from one room to another at their villa nagging over her head to push her to join TikTok.

At the end of the video, Nancy was forced to accept her daughters’ request after they woke up their newborn sister, Lia.

Nancy’s announcement to join TikTok sparked controversy among her followers, as one and a half month ago she gave statements to The Insider Bil Arabi that she does not approve of her daughters joining the application.

She added that her eldest daughter, Mila, has an account on TikTok, and that she asked her to keep it private branding the app as “a waste of time,” adding that time is money and she can use her time in something more valuable.

When The Insider Bil Arabi asked Nancy if she will ever join TikTok, she answered: “No, I didn’t like this application, I don’t know why. I can’t be on TikTok, I couldn’t film TikTok videos, with all due respect to people using TikTok.”

“This is a message to all mothers out there, they let their children waste their time on social media and TikTok and on this and that. I personally see it as a waste of time and brain. Let us go back to books, let us go back to education.”

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