Nancy Ajram Crisis Updates.. Is Her Husband Arrested? And How Many Bullets Found in the Thief’s Body?

Nancy Ajram Crisis Updates.. Is Her Husband Arrested? And How Many Bullets Found in the Thief's Body?

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and her husband, dentist Fadi Al Hashem, survived a night of horror on Sunday, January 5, after a young Syrian man named Mohammed Hassan Al Mousa stormed their house in the Keserwan district of Beirut, while he was masked and carrying a weapon with the intention of stealing.

Nancy Ajram and her husband received plenty of sympathy and support from Lebanese artists and the Arab public, after they safely got out of harm’s way thanks to Fadi Al Hashem’s intervention to save the day when he shot the robber and killed him.

Lebanese media reported that Nancy Ajram’s husband fired approximately 16 bullets into the intruder’s body from his “Glock” weapon, which inevitably killed him. The pistol was said to have contained 24 bullets.

They added that Fadi Al-Hashem was arrested after the incident, but he was transferred to the hospital hours after his interrogation because of health symptoms he had sustained, as well as the result of the stress and horror he had suffered from the serious accident.

The thief had pointed the pistol, which later turned out to be a fake, until he frightened the guards and entered the house. Nancy’s husband was unable to convince the thief despite negotiating with him, and trying to persuade him to take some money and leave.

The thief continued his way to a room where Nancy’s daughters slept, threatening to kill whoever was on his way, and when he pressed to go to the girls’ room, Nancy’s husband tried to dissuade him.

At this point, the artist’s husband shot the thief, killing him instantly, while members of the security forces and forensic team came to the house.

The Lebanese judiciary issued a decision to arrest Nancy Ajram’s husband for shooting and killing the thief, and the Lebanese News Agency reported that the Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, issued the arrest decision, to take legal measures.

The lawyer of Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem and the artist Nancy Ajram explained that the arrest of Fadi Al-Hashem is a routine judicial procedure pending the completion of the investigations, which was also confirmed by the lawyer Ashraf Al-Moussawi, saying that the arrest of Nancy Ajram’s husband is a precaution or what he described as a temporary measure aimed at expanding the investigation, after which he should be released within a day or two.

Alternatively, if there is enough cause, he could also be detained further under investigation, because in the end there was a death at the scene.

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