Nancy Ajram Comments on The Spread Of Her New Song ”Sah Sah”

Famous Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram, topped social media sites and search engines after her participation the other day in the Miss Lebanon 2022 where ” yasmina Zaitoun” won.

She shared her happiness of returning to the participation of Miss Lebanon 2022 ceremony after her three year absence.

She performed various of songs and also talked about her new song ” Sah Sah” on her new program ”Arab Wood”.

The artist also talked about how viral her song became worldwide and its achievement of a big number of views on youtube.

She also claimed that the song achieved a great spread and people loved her song.

She also said that there are plenty of other songs that went viral because a majority of the people like to listen to her despite the fact that they do not understand her lyrics.

She shared her happy feelings about her cooperation with the famous DJ known as Marshmello who gave her the rhythm of the song which is what made is so special and famous; also a reason for its global spread.

Nancy revealed her opinion about her daughters’ desires of entering beauty pageants  in the future.

She said ” I will support everything they love, and I will be the person to see that if they like something.. then I won’t prevent them from it, we’ll see in the future, in God’s willing.”

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