Nadine Njeim: I Insist on Immigrating and Leaving Lebanon!

Nadine Njeim: I Insist on Immigrating and Leaving Lebanon!

Six days after Beirut blasts in August 4th, Lebanese actress and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim has declared her will to leave the country.

She tweeted at the time: “From this moment, from the hospital, I made a decision to leave the country and live safely in another country that respects its people, better than staying in a country ruled by thugs and death. Once you are buried underground we’ll return to our homeland. Other than that, no need to speak, thank you.”

Although many observers believed that Nadine’s will to immigrate was because of her anger over what happened, but according to the artist still insists on leaving Lebanon till this day, and her family supports her decision as well.

People close to Nadine confirmed that the artist recovered quickly because of her positive energy and the fact that she’s a very strong woman, and she is now in good health.

Most of Njeim’s followers had supported her decision to immigrate until her country’s affairs stabilize in order for her to secure a safe environment for her children.

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