Nadine Njeim Announces Retirement SOON!

Nadine Njeim Announces Retirement SOON!

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim announced her intention to retire soon, confirming that there is a 90% chance she will not be in the acting scene this time next year. This is due to her strong desire to take care of her children away from the lights of cameras and fame culture which is starting to become less attractive for her, she said.

During her interview with Dubai Cruise TV Show, presented by Maysa Maghribi, Njeim said: “Every day I say that I will leave the profession, I say that all the time, I would love to spend more time with my children. I feel I’m at peace and overjoyed when I am with my children, and the idea of me retiring is getting closer, there maybe a 90% possibility, I will not be in the scene by next year.”

Njeim added: “My children are at an age where they need me and I need them. They are the true source of happiness for me at this stage of my life. All the negative stigmas we always hear about the responsibilities and challenges of being a mother are exaggerated.”

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