Nadine Al Rassi Looks Different in Her Latest Appearance (Video)

Nadine Al Rassi Looks Different in Her Latest Appearance (Video)

After going through a series of crises and family problems in 2020, Lebanese artist Nadine Al Rassi has regained her strength and went back to acting.

Nadine surprised fans in her latest appearances as she gained some obvious extra pounds.

In a sketch with ET Arabic, Neswanji Bil Halal (Halal Womanizer) co-stars Nadine Al Rassi and Heba Nour were getting ready in the powder room to shoot a scene for the new series when Nadine showed up not as thin as before.

Even when checking Al Rassi’s latest Instagram photos, her facial and body features looked fuller than before.

Last September, Nadine shared a stylish outfit sporting a lime-green blazer with her 1.2 million Instagram followers parading her new look.

And last month, she expressed her ultimate joy with spontaneous pictures along with her new fiancé, which also displayed the few pounds she’s gained.

Neswanji Bil Halal (Halal Womanizer) is a new comedy series, that revolves around a man (Ziad Burji) quarantined with three beautiful woman, starring Nadine Al Rassi, Heba Nour, Ziad Burji, Mohamed Khair Aljarrah, Hesham Haddad, Ango Raihan, Rania Issa and Antoinette Akiki.

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