Nabil Anani Presents Stunning Work at Dubai’s Zawyeh Gallery

‘In Pursuit of Utopia #1’

The 78-year-old artist — one of the most significant figures in Palestine’s contemporary art scene — uses this show to present his vision of his homeland as “a prosperous, thriving place free from occupation; a land that takes pride in its nature and parades it jubilantly; a dream worth pursuing,” according to the gallery.

‘Olive Groves #6’

“Anani paints the picturesque hills of Palestine without the ever increasing Israeli settlements, bypass roads, roadblocks, walls and watch towers that are normally visible on every corner,” the gallery’s statement continues. “He creates the Palestine of his dreams, inspired by his memories of growing up on the hills of Halhoul.”


‘Landscape Dream’

For some of the work in this show, Anani has used natural resources including dried flowers, straw, spices and herbs to add another dimension to his idealistic vision, which is closely tied to the land. Whether you see it as a hopeful imagining of the future or a lament for what has been lost under occupation, Anani’s work is deeply emotional.

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