Myriam Fares Sparks Pregnancy Rumors & Fans Are Upset with Her! (Pictures)

Myriam Fares Sparks Pregnancy Rumors & Fans Are Upset with Her! (Pictures)

Lebanese singer Myriam Fares’s latest pictures on Instagram sparked pregnancy rumors.

Fans suggested that their favorite star might be expecting her second child because of her latest loose-fitting fashion choices as if she was trying to hide her pregnancy.

And what increased doubts about her pregnancy is that she has been at home for a long time, and she explained that she is afraid to leave it and that she is committed to lockdown since February.

Many fans expressed their anger of Fares because she did not communicate with them and did not answer their questions.

One fan wrote: “Since about 4 months, we have been analyzing whether you are pregnant or not! And the pictures from yesterday made us certain that our speculations are true to a large extent.”

@news_ger_chekel celebrity gossip Instagram page revealed that they’ve received a complaint from Myriam Fares fans because she does not communicate with them at all.

They wrote: “I have a complaint from Myriam Fares fans, I can understand that the circumstances the country is going through do not help anyone who works in art or to introduce a new project.”

They added: “But this does not prevent Myriam from communicating with her fans, giving them a bit of her time, responding to them and giving them her point of view on the issue, and this time they might understand her circumstances and be patient.”

The page continued: “Not to ignore them as if they were talking to themselves. If they do not like her, they will not ask her for a new project or a clarification … and she is active on social media and we can see her naturally living her life …. I mean, there is no excuse for ignoring her fans.”

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