Murat Dalkılıç Breaks Up With Hande Erçel’s One Week Prior To Their Wedding

Murat Dalkılıç Breaks Up With Hande Erçel's One Week Prior To Their Wedding

While Turkish stars Hande Erçel and Murat Dalkılıç were preparing for their wedding this summer, Turkish press reported that the couple had separated.

Hürriyet Daily News titled the news “The Great Love Has Ended,” which revealed that Hande and Murat made the decision to separate, after it became clear to them that they could not be a couple and they cannot go beyond a friendship because they were unable to overcome some matters in their private lives, And they agreed to be just friends.

Hürriyet also indicated that the two stars took this step 3 weeks ago, and that they confirmed to newspapers the news.

It’s been reported that the lengthy kissing scene between Hande Erçel and her on-screen lover Kerem Bürsin in their hit series Sen Çal Kapımı “You Knock My Door” was the main reason of their separation, as Murat Dalkılıç felt jealous of Kerem.

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