Murat Akdoğan Ends His One-Month Relationship With Hande Erçel Following His Father’s Demands!

The love of Hande Erçel-Murat Akdoğan was short-lived.

The love that lasted for almost a month has ended when Murat Akdoğan’s family vetoed Hande Erçel.

It was claimed that Hande Erçel, whose name has long been tied to co-star Kerem Bürsin, had a secluded love affair with Murat Can Akdoğan for a month. This claim fell on the tabloid agenda like a bomb.

It was claimed that Murat Can Akdoğan’s elder sister Cansın Hacısoyu and Hande Erçel’s sister Gamze Erçel Yıldırım were the matchmakers of the duo.

Hande Erçel's sister Gamze Erçel Yıldırım

The couple wanted to keep their relationship secret, but they got off the hook when they started following each other on social media, making their relationship shorter than expected.


According to the news of Hürriyet’s Mehmet Üstündağ; Murat Akdoğan’s father, Dr. Murat Akdoğan was never happy with the dating news, so Dr. Akdoğan vetoed the relationship.

Murat Akdoğan Hande Erçel hande ve murat Instagram

Listening to his father, Murat Akdoğan ended the relationship by telling Hande Erçel that it would be better to leave at the beginning of the road.

Although Hande Erçel and Murat Akdoğan went on separate ways, they still follow each other on social media.

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