Motasem Alnahar Mocked for His ‘Terrible Egyptian Dialect’ Alongside Haifa Wehbe in ‘Aswad Fateh’ Series

Motasem Alnahar Mocked for His 'Terrible Egyptian Dialect' Alongside Haifa Wehbe in 'Aswad Fateh' Series

Aswad Fateh “Light Black” series made its debut yesterday starring Haifa Wehbe, Motasem Alnahar, Rogina and Arwa Joudeh.

The first episode was severely criticized for Motasem Alnahar’s performance and poor Egyptian dialect. The audience’s judged his acting as not convincing.

Viewers also criticized the age difference between Alnahar, Haifa and Rogina.

Among the comments were “He is the only one suitable in the series”, “He’s a loser but they take him because of his looks,” “he’s very vapid and ruined the series. I wish it was another actor,” “is this how a man looks when his wife busts him?”

Despite the negative comments against Motasem, videos from the first episode spread widely on social media, and most of commentators expressed their enthusiasm to watch the dramatic story, which had Haifa’s character ‘Rania’ cheated on by her best friend played by Rogina.

Aswad Fateh was supposed to be broadcast during Ramadan season 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic changed the original schedule and paused filming the series.

Then the show was postponed until Ramadan 2021, but once again production schedule was shifted to Sep 2020.

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