Moroccan Artist Paints Giant Mural in Honour of Workers Fighting COVID-19

Moroccan Artist Paints Giant Mural in Honour of Workers Fighting COVID-19

Moroccan artist Abdelaziz Hanou painted a giant mural on the wall of Quds secondary school on Mohamed V street in Beni Mellal (central Morocco) in honour of the city, its residents and especially workers whose efforts were vital to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mural, which took about four hours to complete, included portraits representing those working day and night to contain the crisis and serve the public — including nurses, policemen, cleaners, teachers and journalists. They are all seen standing together in the mural as heroes, illustrating Moroccans’ appreciation for their work and sacrifice.

Hanou said: “I have thought about dedicating the mural to my city, and I am very happy that I completed this huge mural in the center of Beni Mellal.”

He noted that Moroccan TV channels previously featured several of his art pieces, including “2M,” which showcased the 3D art he created on the roof of his building. He said he brought his artwork to the street so all citizens could view it and to provide a work of appreciation for frontline workers.

The inauguration of the mural was attended by many Moroccan artists and intellectuals, such as writer and novelist Abdul-Kareem Jouaity and musician Abdel Hadi Gayour, as well as citizens who stopped by to take pictures to share with their friends on social media.

Hanou is a visual artist from Beni Mellal specialising in 3D art. He began his art journey as a young student in school, and developed his techniques through research and persistence. He has completed more than 100 25-square metre 3D paintings on the roof of his house. Hanou also works as a professor and a journalist reporting for several media outlets.

Speaking about the artwork on the roof of his house, Hanou said: “It is the space in which I can work comfortably in, with the absence of convenient spaces in the city. I used to display these paintings on my Facebook page and get millions of likes.”

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