More women are entering company boardrooms, but not everywhere

Sunita Mei-Lin Rajakumar is a woman at the top of her game, in a country that has made unusually big strides in boosting the representation of women in corporate leadership positions.

Sunita, 51, is the independent chair of Caring Pharmacy Group, Malaysia’s largest pharmacy chain. She also founded a venture capital fund, and is an independent director on the boards of several other firms.

She is among a growing number of women who have trumped gender stereotypes, not only in Malaysia but globally, to rise to the top of the male-dominated corporate sector in recent years.

Changing attitudes among the men who have traditionally dominated business – driven by government policy and media campaigns – is one of the reasons for the rise. But another factor is a mounting body of research that shows greater diversity leads to higher profits.

But despite gains in certain countries, globally, women remain hugely underrepresented at board level.

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