Moms Tell Horrifying Stories of Covid Infections

As the whole world celebrates Mother’s Day under different, challenging circumstances due to the coronavirus outbreak, Anadolu Agency talked with mothers — who recovered from the virus — and their children.

Guloz Dastan, 61, was one of the mothers in Turkey that first tested positive for COVID-19, then recovered from the virus.

She told Anadolu Agency that when she first found out that she was infected with the virus, she felt shocked as she was tested negative in her PCR test.

“Not being able to breathe easily was completely terrifying for me. Even when they said that I needed to be hospitalized, I was absolutely scared to death,” said Dastan.

“It took at least 15 days to get better for me. I spent five days at home at first but was later taken to hospital when things got worse.”

Mentioning that she was in a hospital room with one patient bed inside, she recalled that “She felt lonely as no one could come and visit her besides doctors or nurses.”

“Catching the virus and being in a hospital all by myself pushed me to the pure feeling of loneliness. I was separated from my loved ones. I always thought about my family and the ones that are dear to me. I wondered if I could ever go back to my home,” said Dastan.

“However, the video that my two daughters prepared for me not to feel lonely anymore gave me strength to hold on in such period,” she underlined.

“When I recovered and was released from the hospital, I felt grateful that I was back with my family and loved ones, especially my health. It was like waking up from a nightmare.”

‘My mother’s recovery felt like a resurrection to me’

Asli Cengiz, the older daughter of Dastan, said when she first heard that her mother was infected with the virus, she felt she had difficulty believing in this.

“I always thought that this could never happen to any of us until my mother was hospitalized,” said Cengiz, recalling that “Later on, I started to admit the truth and feel anxious.”

As soon as I accepted that my mother was really COVID-19 positive, I figured out the seriousness of Turkey’s situation about the outbreak.

“My mother would never go out if not really necessary during the pandemic, and if she got infected with the virus, then anyone can test positive,” emphasized Cengiz.

“However, despite all the difficulties this process brought, my mother finally recovered from the virus, and I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from me,” she said.

“I felt a great joy when I received the good news because when most COVID-19 patients were getting their treatment at home, my mother was in the hospital.

“Her recovery felt as resurrection for me. I thank God for giving my mother back to me, to us,” she added.

Couldn’t think of anything or anyone but my children’

Selma Dogru is another mother who tested positive and then recovered with time.

41-year-old mother told Anadolu Agency that when doctors told her that she was infected with the virus, “I couldn’t know what to do, what to think at first. Later, I couldn’t think of anything or anyone else but my children”.

“I thought what would happen to my children if I couldn’t survive this disease,” said Dogru, adding that the only thing she felt at that time was purely fear itself.

“It took about a month to fully recover for me,” she said, mentioning that she received her medical treatment at home.

“The disease changed how I perceive life. I understood that we have nothing without good health. I learned to enjoy and appreciate every second of my life because I felt like a reborn when doctors told me the good news.”

‘I understood every second with my mother is so precious’

Bora Ismail Dogru, the younger son of mother Dogru, told the agency that when he first heard that her mother tested positive, he was scared to lose her forever.

“But then I thought that my mother was strong enough to overcome this disease,” said the 14-year-old son.

“I understood that every second I spend with my mother is so very precious,” he underlined, adding that he felt utterly happy when her mother recovered.

Bugra Dogru, the 19-year-old son of Selma Dogru, expressed that he was frightened that something terrible will happen to his mother, and he thought for a second that his mother could not recover from the virus.

“I noticed the value of my mother. I’ve learned what a blessing even sitting together is,” said the older son.

“I felt amazingly joyful when my mother got better,” he said, mentioning that he also found out how severe this disease is when facing the possibility of losing his mother.

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