Mohannad Al-Hamdi and Fiancée Farah Murad Respond to Breakup Rumors With These Pictures

After the news of their separation, Saudi actor Muhannad Al-Hamdi and his fiancée Lebanese model Farah Murad have denied those rumors with a series of pictures.

Murad shared a photo album with her 203k followers on Instagram, and titled it ‘Summer ‘21‘.

The handsome Saudi actor commented on his fiancée’s post by writing: ‘May God do not deprive me from you my pretty wild cat.’

The pictures were taken from the Saudi-Lebanese couple’s vacation in Lebanon, which showed their strong bond and chemistry.

Mohannad Al-Hamdi and Fiancée Farah Murad respond to breakup rumors

Muhannad Al-Hamdi has been facing several rumors recently about separating from his Lebanese fiancée, Farah Murad, because they haven’t been appearing much together on social media, unlike the beginning of their relationship.

In the past, Muhannad face similar breakup rumors, and he responded to them in the same manner by posting pictures with Farah Murad.

Last June, Saudi artist, Muhannad Al-Hamdi celebrated his Lebanese fiancée’s birthday, and published a group of romantic photos on Instagram.

He captioned the pictures: ‘Let your soul shine as much as your beauty does, you shine my entire life. Happy birthday my forever love.’

Muhannad Al-Hamdi has officially announced his engagement to Farah Murad in December 2020, after a period of announcing that he’s been seeing someone without revealing her identity at the time.

Muhannad Al-Hamdi talked about his girlfriend in a previous TV interview, and revealed that they met in Dubai 3 years ago, and they had a brotherly relationship at the beginning, but after that his feeling changed towards her and turned into love.

Al-Hamdi described the moment of confessing his love to Farah as “difficult”, pointing out that she holds the Lebanese citizenship.

In the interview, the Saudi artist announced that he will tie the knot in the near future, although for him marriage was a postponed idea due to his desire to focus on his acting career, but his fiancée changed his mind, and he found out that she’s the right person who would be his life partner.

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