Mohammed Ramadan BANNED from Singing in Egypt!

Mohammed Ramadan BANNED from Singing in Egypt!

Captain of Musical Professions in Egypt Hani Shaker said in an exclusive statements to, that “there is no room for reconciliation or legalization of conditions with folk singers once and for all,” stressing that what applies to them will also be applied to artist Mohammed Ramadan.

Hani added that the coming period will witness intensive meetings with Minister of Culture Dr. Inas. Abdel Dayem and the Council of Musicians Syndicate to discuss the new conditions and review the terms by which members will be approved or rejected by the union.

The Captain of Musicians targeted folk singers by issuing a decision to permanently prevent them from singing, and warning all tourism establishments from dealing with them, including Mohammed Ramadan.

Hani Shaker said he believed that this type of  ‘festival music’ is not worthy of Egypt’s name, and said that these songs, which often include sexual overtones and ‘street’ lyrics are completely unacceptable, calling for them to be permanently banned.

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