Mohammed Assaf’s Ex Fiancée Lina Qishawi Faints on Live TV.. Watch

Palestinian anchor Lina Qishawi has fallen ill while presenting her morning show Hatha Al-Sabah (This Morning) on Aljazeera, as she appeared trying to control herself in order to stand steady while feeling “dizzy”.

Qishawi’s video went viral on social media, and comments poured in to check on the Palestinian presenter, who had recently announced her marriage.

A number of followers believed that pregnancy might be the cause of Lina Qishawi’s “dizziness” on air.

While other reports said that Lina was having a stroke, and it even reached some social media pages to write headlines related to her death, such as “What is the truth behind Lina Qishawi’s death?”, although the latter had completed the episode.

After the many many rumors, Lina was prompted to come out and clarify the truth of what happened with her.

In a series of videos she posted on Instagram, the Palestinian beauty reassured fans on her health.

At first, she thanked everyone who checked on her, then she narrated the details of the incident that happened live on air.

“The situation was very hard, first because it happened on live TV, and second because I was standing. I said to myself that dizziness would go away, and I insisted to do the show, but it didn’t,”

“I went back and continued the episode as if nothing has happened. But take it from me, no matter how light your dizziness is, do not push yourself. Take some rest and understand your issue.”

Lina Qishawi has achieved wide fame in the Arab world after she was engaged to Arab Idol star Mohammed Assaf. But the engagement didn’t last long and soon they separated without revealing the reasons.

Last April, Lina Qishawi has suddenly announced that she got married when she shared a picture from her wedding, but without revealing the identity of her groom.


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