Mohammed Assaf Reacts To Withdrawing His Movement Permit by Israeli Occupation

Mohammed Assaf Reacts To Withdrawing His Movement Permit by Israeli Occupation

Maariv Hebrew newspaper reported that the occupation has decided to withdraw the movement permit from the UNRWA youth ambassador, Palestinian artist Mohammed Assaf.

Knesset member “Avi Dichter” announced, following the background of allegations published by the “Badin Center for Middle East Studies,” that the permit for Mohammed Assaf will be canceled, as he will be forbidden to move in the occupied territories, inside and outside of Jerusalem.

The possibility of asking the UAE to try to prevent Assaf from inciting against “Israel” is also being examined, as Assaf currently lives in the Emirates with his wife.

According to the newspaper, the alleged investigation conducted by the institute showed that Assaf encouraged the resistance, glorified the martyrs and called for an armed uprising against the occupation.

A detailed report of the Israeli newspaper “Makor Rishon” has tackled the allegations made by the Israeli extremist “Badin” center to incite Assaf, stating that he sang, for example, at a concert held in Rawabi in front of an enthusiastic crowd of young people, about fighting for freedom and gun and brandishing it, and called for the meeting In Al Aqsa with his songs.

According to the newspaper, the occupation cannot prevent Assaf from accessing the outside of the West Bank, because he carries a Palestinian ID, but he will be prevented from entering the Palestinian interior and Jerusalem, and the occupation will also ask UNRWA to strip Assaf from his position as The Youth Ambassador.

For his part, Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf made a comment about Israel withdrawing his entry permit to the Palestinian territories.

He tweeted: “My love and belonging to my country, and my adherence to national constants and values, is something that I am proud of, as one of the children of the established Palestinian people.”

Mohammed added: “What is reported about preventing me from entering the occupied Palestinian territories, Jerusalem and Gaza, is nothing but a continuation of the policies of oppression and curbing the freedoms suffered by my people, to whom I belong in heart, form, entity and spirit.”

Assaf  concluded his comment saying: “Nothing will stop me from loving my country and sing for it in all occasions. Country, you are in my heart.”

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