Mohammad Ramadan Stands By Palestine Amid ”Supporting Israel” Accusations

Egyptian singer Mohammad Ramadan posts supporting tribute to Palestine and Palestinians, amid ‘Sheikh Jarrah’ attack in Jerusalem.

The singer shared a video on his Instagram account saying: ”our hearts are with our Palestinian brothers, may god heal the wounded, I’m sending prayers for the souls of the martyrs, may god give you confidence and strength and always have safety and victory.”

His Instagram post comes after he was accused by people of being an Israel supporter months ago, will Palestinians accept his video? did they forgive him?

Accusations had started after a picture circulated the internet of Ramadan spending time with Israeli singer Omer Adam.

In addition to being criticised on social media, Mohammad’s show ‘Moussa’ was initially cancelled by Ashraf Zaki from ‘Syndicate Of Artists’ in Egypt.

The actor defended himself saying that he does not pay attention to the people he takes pictures with, and he never refuses to take a picture with anyone, he also believes that we are all human and that he shouldn’t ask each person he takes a picture with for his nationality.

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