Mohamed Ramadan Accused of Purchasing La Casa De Papel Star Enrique Arce’s Birthday Greeting! (Video)

Mohamed Ramadan Accused of Purchasing La Casa De Papel Star Enrique Arce's Birthday Greeting! (Video)

Egyptian actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan was ridiculed after publishing a birthday greeting, claiming he received from La Casa De Papel star Enrique Arce.

The video was widely circulated, and commentators pointed out that the video held “Starzly” logo, which is a website that provides customized videos in return for money, and Ramadan is accused of purchasing his own customized birthday greeting by Enrique Arce.

In the video, Enrique was heard saying: “Hello Mohamed Ramadan, this is a message from Arturo Román. I know you know me, I know you hate me from ‘La Casa De Papel,’ but I know you are a very accomplished actor– according to (Moroccan-Swedish singer) Red One, (you are the) best actor in the Arab countries. So from your friend Arturo – I know it’s your birthday – happy birthday brother Mohamed. I hope I get to meet you one day. I hope I get to work with you one day,” concluding his message with “Bella Ciao.”

After all the fuzz, Enrique Arce himself responded to the accusations against the Egyptian star.

In another video of La Casa De Papel star published by Mohamed, he said: “Just to make things clear – I don’t know – I’ve been told that there’s a big thing happening right now. This is from Red One, he contacted me (and) he told me you are the greatest. I am following you on Instagram. I hope we get to work together man. I’ve heard you are pretty great, so I hope I get to meet you someday in person.” concluding his message saying: “Oh, Eid Mubarak, is that right?”

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