Mohamed Henedy Finds Himself Blocked By This American Blogger

American beauty expert Taylor Steingold has blocked Egyptian comedy actor Mohamed Henedy on Instagram.

It was reported that the reason behind Taylor blocking Henedy is the uncanny resemblance between her and the female character Mohamed played under the name ‘Effat Al-Sherbiny‘ in Gaana Al-Bayan Al-Tali (We Received The Following Statement) movie premiered 20 years ago co-starring next to retired actress Hanan Turk.

On Instagram, Henedy responded to the block in his usual sarcasm.

He shared a collage picture of the fictional character Effat Al-Sherbiny next to Taylor Steingold and joked:

‘Far from the resemblance, but why when I accessed this profile to know who she is, I found out that she had blocked me?’

Henedy added: ‘Chemistry is so treacherous.’

Fans of the star were not the only ones who interacted with the post, as many Arab a-listers took part in defending Henedy by joking with him too.

For instance, Syrian actress Shoukran Mortaja joked: ‘Is there any one more beautiful than you?’

As for Tunisian singer Latifa, she told Henedy‘You are more beautiful’ adding few laughing emojis.

The same thing for artists Maisoun Abou AsaadArwa Jouda and Ayten Amer who left laughing emojis too.

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