Mohamed Fouad Shocks Followers With His Latest Appearance (Video)

The latest appearance of Egyptian artist Mohamed Fouad has astonished followers on social media.

Fouad, who turns 60 next December, has taken part in Egyptian anchor Doaa Salah’s wedding last Friday, and performed a series of his iconic songs.

Videos from the wedding went viral on social media, and users were shocked of the singer’s appearance, as he looked older and gained a lot of weight.

Many followers wondered why Mohamed Fouad has neglected his health, unlike other artists who take care of their looks, such as Amr Diab, and asked him to exercise and follow a diet to reach an ideal, harmonious and graceful body.

Followers commented things like: ‘Unfortunately, he has become fat, follow a diet or go to the gym. He’s a beautiful singer, but his appearance is becoming unworthy.’

‘I love Mohamed Fouad, but I don’t know why the first thing I saw was Shaaban Abdel Rahim. He felt like the first thing I saw, frankly.’

‘He doesn’t take care of himself at all.’

‘He’s good, but he’s a bit overweight. Amr Diab is old, but he goes to the gym and takes care of his appearance.’

The appearance of Mohamed Fouad was not the only thing that caught the audience’s attention, as followers questioned why he was carrying a “rosary” while singing.

Doaa Salah’s wedding was attended by a number of artists, most notably Enas EzzedineHeba El-Sisi and broadcaster Amira Nour, along with a number of friends of the groom and bride.

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