Model Roz Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want to Implant Her Buttlocks (Video)

Model Roz Reveals Why She Doesn't Want to Implant Her Buttlocks (Video)

Saudi fashionista Model Roz has revealed that she refuses to undergo any plastic surgery to enlarge any part of her body.

One follower asked Model Rose about the reason why she didn’t implant her buttlocks yet.

She responded via Snapchat, saying: “One female follower asked me why don’t I implant my derriere. I see that your sight got used to seeing the over sized body parts on social media. For me it is visual pollution to see a woman implanted with silicon, and the distance between her curves is like one meter. Because you got used to seeing such shapes, you now see me as unnatural.”

Rose added: “Although I see myself as a natural compared to other people, but you got used to seeing a seat at the bottom. But for me, if I decide to enlarge any part of my body, I will do it through exercise and not with injections.”

She went on saying: “I’m not against plastic surgeries, but with a considerable amount. Lately I’m seeing unbelievable things. I swear to God I came to hate the Arab body because of the excessive curves.”

“The Arab body is beautiful and fit with a waist and attractive normal things. Now it’s become like a cartoon drawing with curves everywhere. I’m a natural and they are not.”

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