Model Roz: I Financially Supported My Ex Husband for 5 Years

Saudi fashionista Model Roz, whose real name is Rawan Abdullah Abu Zaid, has been hosted by Emirati presenter and entrepreneur Anas Bukhash in his famous talk show ABtalks.

The statements of Roz have caused a sensation among social media followers, especially after Anas Bukhash surprised the Saudi model with a set of questions related to her personal life and the reasons behind her separation.

Anas Bukhash deliberately addressed Model Roz by her real name, Rawan, and asked her about her real age, while she broke down in tears when she spoke about her father’s death.

Model Roz said that she was deeply moved by her father’s death, as he spoke to her the day before he passed away and asked her to take care of the family in a long call.

Model Roz Story With Ex Husband Saudi Mohammed Al-Hmoud

The Saudi beauty began her statements by saying: ‘It’s when the person who knows you the best, is the one fighting you. They would know all your weaknesses, so they hit you where it hurts the most. This is what’s happening now, unfortunately.’

Model Roz then revealed that she’s so thankful that she decided to separate, and added: ‘What do you expect from a man trashing his wife on social media?!’

She added that she needs to be silent now because she has to, due to courts and the lawsuits she filed against Mohammed Al-Hmoud.

The Saudi fashionista revealed that her ex-husband was telling fake accusations against her.

When someone accuses you of many things, of stealing and abusing drugs and alcohol among other things, it made me wonder “To this degree he has no conscience”. He knows that I would never do any of these things,’

Then Rawan started revealing how she was spending on her ex husband.

‘He knows what I have been tolerating for 5 years, since I’m the one who’s financially responsible for everything, so how could he say that I stole from him?!’

Model Roz continued: ‘Alright, since you say you are the rich one here and I steal from you, why did you file for divorce in USA? In America, the one who has more money would give the other half of their possessions, and now you’re waiting to get half of my possessions, so who has more money then?!’

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