Model Rose’s Divorcee Exposes her Infidelity and Physical Abuse of Him

Moodel Rose’s ex, Muhammad Al Hammoud, shocked his followers with pictures of bruises that spread on his face and body after he was physically assaulted by his ex-wife, as he claimed

Al Hammoud published pictures of him being physically assaulted, including bruises around his eyes and hands, and commented: “I am one of those who would never hit a woman, no matter what the reason was, and the event happened quickly and unexpectedly, unfortunately.”

He continued, “I spoke about my private life here, and she was part of it, and nothing happened, but because I started talking about the real issues, problems began.”

These pictures came after Hammoud accused his ex-wife of cheating on him and revealed secrets about her private life.

Model Rose’s Divorcee Exposes her Infidelity 

Muhammad Al Hammoud revealed that Model Rose cheated on him with a young man whose name he did not mention, despite his and her friends’ attempts to keep her away from him, especially since he is known for stealing his wife, whose citizenship he obtained.

Hammoud recalled many situations in which Rose lied to him, including attending the birthday party of the young man without his knowledge, staying with him in a hotel, and calling him through the Discort application, which blocks calls.

Hammoud revealed that he has started the divorce process after Model Rose told him she wanted to stay at a hotel for a month, and asked him not to contact her. Then he was surprised to see her and the young man leaving the same hotel.

Two days later, she came home to get her things, and when he showed her the divorce papers and the file he was preparing to submit to court, he was surprised that she attacked him with her fingernails and scratched his eye, and caused him bruises.

Model Rose Robs Her Divorcee

Hammoud revealed that Rose, after learning of his intent to file for divorce, worked to withdraw all his money from their joint account, and he had two solutions, the first: either filing a lawsuit through which he would obtain more than 50% of his money, but it needed a long time because of Corona, or include the claim when filing the divorce suit.

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