Missile, rocket strikes on fuel tankers in north Syria near Turkey border wound two

Missiles and rockets struck fuel tankers in northern Syria near the Turkish border, causing casualties, Turkey’s defense ministry and local rescue workers said.

The fuel tankers were parked alongside primitive oil refineries between the towns of Al-Bab and Jarablus, the same area which was hit by rockets earlier this month.

Local rescue workers said two people were wounded late on Sunday in the strikes, which the Turkish defense ministry said were caused by missiles and rockets fired from a military base in a Syrian government-controlled part of Aleppo province.

“They targeted civilian residential areas and parking areas of fuel tankers,” it said. “There are civilian casualties.”

Missile strikes in the same region 10 days ago killed one person and wounded at least eleven others, Turkish state media and a source from the Turkish-backed faction that controls the region said.

Turkey has backed fighters who sought to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, but the president, with Russian and Iranian help, has driven back the insurgents to a pocket in northwest Syria and other Turkish-controlled border areas.

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