Miranda Kerr’s Guide To Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine

Our skin is the largest organ in our body so what we put on it is important,’ explains supermodel, mother-of-three and KORA Organics brand founder, Miranda Kerr. On a mission to de-mystify organic beauty, clear up the confusing ‘clean’ messaging being pushed out by unqualified brands, and prove once and for all that organic skincare can be effective, Kerr is changing the face of the industry one rose quartz-infused cleansing oil at a time.

More than just aspirational imagery and millennial wellness, the organic beauty industry is big business, predicted to be worth £38.8bn ($54bn) by 2027. But where should we start with our own beauty routines? Read on for Kerr’s tips, tricks and hacks for giving everything from your moisturiser to your morning pancakes an organic overhaul…

Miranda Kerr’s Guide To Going Organic With Your Beauty Routine

What’s the difference between ‘clean’ beauty and organic beauty?

‘Clean beauty is very different to certified organic beauty. That’s where people get confused. So when you are clean, then maybe you as an individual company can say, “Ok, we don’t use this ingredient that certain people might say is toxic.” But, when you’re certified organic, it’s much more than being clean because not only are you not using unnecessary chemicals, you’re also getting more powerful results.

‘For instance, Cambridge University did a study on certified organic ingredients and it showed that there are up to 60% more antioxidants in a certified organic ingredient. There are some products out there that claim to be “clean” that I wouldn’t put on my skin, personally.’

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What does certified organic mean?

‘What you put on your body and on your skin sinks in so it was important to me for my range of products, KORA Organics, to be certified organic. What this means is that you don’t have to just take my word for it that it’s organic, an external body called COSMOS Ecocert, which is really strict with their rules and regulations, say it is. It audits everything from our manufacturers, to our ingredients, to our packaging… even the words we put on our boxes. So you know it’s the real deal.’

Miranda’s Top Tips For Going Organic


‘Educating yourself is so important. Always read the ingredients on the label of a beauty product and look them up online if you’re not sure if they’re organic or why they’re in there.’


‘You don’t have to only use certified organic beauty products – I don’t. I think that a balance is important. For instance, on my skin I’m using all certified organic products as a first layer on my face and body, but my make-up isn’t all organic. Maybe my mascara isn’t organic because the technology or formulation isn’t good enough yet, or perhaps I like a shade of lipstick and it happens to not be organic – you can introduce [organic products] slowly.’


‘If you’re on a budget, you can use coconut oil as a multipurpose product. You can put it on your skin, use it as a make-up remover, or even use it for oil pulling in your mouth.’

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‘We can’t control what’s in our air but we can control what we put on our skin and our bodies, which is why I use organic products on my whole family. My husband [Evan Spiegel] uses my KORA Organics face oil and I use it on my kids as well if they have any dry patches on their little cheeks. My 10-year-old son [Flynn] can tell the difference, he always asks me “Is that organic?” I see it as a good investment into our health.’


‘Start by simply looking at the things that you can implement into your daily routine, like deodorant that you’re using every day. I think [deodorant is] something really important to make sure is non-toxic.’

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‘If my kids want pancakes, instead I’ll blend oats with a little almond milk and then banana to turn it into a delicious pancake mix. I put a little maple syrup on top and whisk up the solid part of a can of coconut milk so it’s like cream. Or, I’ll make coconut water ice pops. It does take more time and effort, sometimes I’m like “this is so time consuming”, but at the end of the day it’s important.’


‘It’s so important for us to nurture and nourish ourselves. All of the KORA Organics products are infused with rose quartz to give that nurturing energy and then on the back of the packaging, there’s a positive word that helps with your frame of mind, and just puts you into a positive state. Even if you’re doing your monotonous daily cleanse and moisturiser routine, [the messaging] adds a little magic. It’s a time to give back to yourself.’

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