Michael Jackson’s Sister Posted the Video of Mohamed Ramadan Falling on Stage

Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan has succeeded in grabbing The Jacksons’ attention.

La Toya Jackson, the American singer and Michael Jackson’s sister seems to be having a tough week, and she’s expressing it on Instagram with the help of Egyptian singer and actor Mohamed Ramadan.

The fifth and middle child of the Jackson family has posted the famous video of Mohamed Ramadan when he fell on stage during his participation in DIAFA Awards ceremony (Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards) in November 2020.

At the time, Ramadan lost his balance when he walked on the stage because the floor has just been waxed and got slippery, but he easily got up and continued walking to collect his award.

La Toya Jackson captioned the video with: ‘Walking into this week like…’

In return, Mohamed left a comment on Jackson’s video and responded: ‘Anyone might fall, but not everyone can get back up and finish the show.’

And again, the Number One hitmaker re-posted the video on his Instagram account, and wrote: ‘I hope you tell Michael Jackson’s sister that the lesson from this video is that all people can fall, but not all people know how to get up again,’

Then Mohamed promoted his new music by saying: ‘Don’t forget Bye Bye Sanaweya (High School) soon.’


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