Michael B. Jordan is The Sexiest Man Alive According to ‘People’

The 33-year-old actor wore a full yellow hazmat suit along with a black-and-white smiley face mask as he joined Jimmy, 55, on the ABC talk show for the big reveal.

His voice was altered as he answered yes-or-no questions posed remotely from people.

Dewey from Brooklyn asked if he worked in film and he answered ‘yes’ and replied ‘no’ when asked if he played an Avenger in movies.

Chyeanne from Las Vegas asked if he was married and he replied ‘nah’ and also answered ‘no’ when asked if he had celebrity siblings or parents.

Tessie from Salt Lake City, Utah asked if he had ever been in a romantic relationship with Taylor Swift and he replied, ‘That’s pretty specific, but, uh, no’.

Erin from Salt Lake City asked if he had over 5 million Instagram followers and he answered ‘yes’.

She then guessed that he was actor Channing Tatum, but he replied no.

He then revealed that he did not play Aquaman and also that he was not known for being funny.

Ashley from Los Angeles then asked if he had any children and he replied, ‘No children for me’.

‘Is it Michael B. Jordan?,’ Ashley guessed.

‘Are you Michael B. Jordan?,’ Jimmy asked him.

‘Yeah, I am,’ Michael confirmed.

Michael takes on the Sexiest Man Alive title that was last bestowed in November 2019 to singer John Legend, 41.

Jimmy interviewed Michael after the reveal and the talk show host boasted about declaring back in January that Michael was the frontrunner for the award.

Michael told Jimmy that it was a ‘cool moment’ learning from his publicist that he had been named Sexiest Man Alive, but admitted it also gave his friends fresh ammunition to tease him.

He also shared that he’s been working on the upcoming film Journal For Jordan directed by Denzel Washington, 65.

Michael is best known for his critically-acclaimed performances in Fruitvale Station, Creed and Black Panther.

He told People magazine in an issue out Friday that the honor is a ‘cool feeling.’

‘You know, everybody always made that joke, like, ”Mike, this is the one thing you´re probably not going to get”,’he said. ‘But it´s a good club to be a part of.’

Other recent winners include: Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Adam Levine, Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham.

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