Mia Khalifa’s first magazine cover

Mia Khalifa just got her first magazine cover.

Minutes ago, former porn star Mia Khalifa shared with her 27.7 million Instagram followers videos and snaps of her expressing her excitement over receiving her first magazine cover.

And the 29-year old shared exclusive images from the photoshoot with the magazine, Arcadia.


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She captioned the post: ”I’m trying to find the words to express my excitement over this… my first cover and to have it with a publication with a team like @jayxbest and @monichatully just makes it that much better.”


She added: ”Thank you so much for not just the opportunity, but for taking the time to speak to me and understand me. I had such a blast chatting shit with these two, and I’m so happy that I left this experience with two new friends. So surreal AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!”’

The creative direction was done by Jay Best, who is a Creative and Beauty Director, Khalifa also shared that the interview conducted for the magazine was done by editor Monicha Tully who is the founder editor-in-chief for Arcadia magazine.


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Khalifa looked stunning as her makeup was done by Lisa Dixon, and hair styled by Narad Kutowaroo.

In the post shared by Mia Khalifa, the star can be seen in a short clip during the magazine’s photoshoot, and in some shots, she is seen wearing cat ears, looking bubbly and goofy.

In one of the videos, Mia celebrated the release of her first cover where she went out to dinner, and the restaurant staff brought her a candle, other clips showed Mia excited over the magazine as she took a bunch of them and started signing them.

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