Mexico president slammed for remark on women staying at home

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s suggestion that the tradition of women staying at home to take care of older family members was key to fighting the coronavirus pandemic has sparked criticism that his comments were sexist.

Mexico’s elders were helped by the custom of being cared for at home, he said, adding that the “Mexican family is the most important social security institution” in the country.

“People want to change women’s role and that is one of the just causes of feminism. But the tradition in Mexico is that daughters are the ones who care the most for parents. We men are more detached,” Lopez Obrador said in a speech on Thursday.

Many accused the 66-year-old leader of “misogyny”, “oppression” and “perpetuating macho traditions”.

The hashtag AmloMachista, or sexist AMLO in reference to the president’s initials, was trending in Mexico.

“Translating the president’s nineteenth century thinking when he says men are more detached, he means irresponsible,” Martha Tagle, a politician with the Citizens’ Movement party, said on Twitter.

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