Mexican Cartel Force Two Men to Walk Naked in The Streets

Mexican Cartel Force Two Men to Walk Naked in The Streets

This is the horrifying moment two men are attacked and forced to walk naked through the streets after being accused of stealing by cartel members in northwestern Mexico just 60 miles from the US border. 

The half minute video clip shows two naked men running in the middle of an avenue in Puerto Peñasco, a resort town that lies just south of the Arizona border off the Gulf of California in the state of Sonora.

A male voice is heard in the background twice shouting: ‘This happens for being thieves,’ while another person laughs.

In graphic scenes later in the video, gang members attack one of the victims by hitting him with a flat piece of wood as he is lying face down on top of the other man.

One of the men then says, ‘shut up dude, go f*** yourself. Shut up dude.’

The defenseless male is subsequently forced to lie on top of the man, who does not move from the sidewalk. He is then hit once again with the wooden board.

As he is sprawled on the concrete street, another suspected cartel member steps forward and places his foot over the beaten man’s neck.

It is unknown whether the men were seriously injured in the attack.

Cartel gangers are notorious for carrying out vigilante attacks in areas they control.

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