Menna Shalabi gets arrested for drug possession

The Egyptian security services arrested the artist, Menna Shalabi at the airport for ‘drug possession’

It was revealed through preliminary investigations that while the artist, Menna Shalabi, was undergoing inspection procedures, a quantity of narcotic substances was found in her possession.

A report was issued and the responsible authorities were notified.

Preliminary investigations revealed that while Menna was undergoing inspection at Cairo airport customs, a quantity of narcotic substances was found in her possession, and a memorandum of the incident was issued.

The case sparked controversy as Shalabi did not even undergo a drug test, and not being remanded in custody, as it is what usually happens in such related drug cases.

Airport customs said that the actress had a number of different drugs and even called it a ‘Cocktail of different drugs’  that were discovered during bag checking.

It is reported that Menna was carrying “6 plastic bags labeled with lychee, inside them the narcotic marijuana plant weighing 45 grams, and 2 plastic bags labeled with sherb inside them the narcotic marijuana plant weighing 15 grams, and a plastic bag marked with cannbrs also containing marijuana weighing 6 grams, and a plastic bag labeled Parpie punch contains the same narcotic plant, weighing 7 grams.”

Also in the actress’ possession was “a plastic bag labeled with cookies containing the same drug weighing 8 grams, a plastic bag labeled connecten filled with 9 grams of weed, a transparent plastic package containing the same narcotic plant weighing 15 grams, and 2 transparent plastic packages containing two joints.”

It is also worth noting that they found a carton box labeled wwc containing 2 electronic hookahs marked with THC, and 3 carton boxes labeled stlllzy containing 2 electronic hookahs with narcotic marijuana oil inside them, and 3 plastic bags labeled prmium oil containing 3 electronic hookahs with narcotic oil inside.

“An electronic hookah containing narcotic oil was seized, a cardboard box containing an ampoule containing an electronic hookah, a green box marked with a marijuana plant icon, and an empty mill used for drug abuse.”

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