Memes are Old Fashion! Get a Bernie Sanders’ Tattoo

A tattoo artist has taken his love of Bernie Sanders to the next level by getting the American politician and his now infamous mittens inked on his arm.

Tattoo artist Samazon, who works at Copperhead Tattoo Parlor in Denver, Colorado, revealed a photo of the finished ink on Instagram on January 23.

The tattoo shows the 79-year-old senator sitting on a chair with his arms folded over, while wearing thick mittens and socially distancing himself from others.

‘A certain £gentleman in some cool £mittens that I saw on the internet -thanks @jimmyhomesick and @berniesanders,’ Samazon wrote alongside a photo of his tattoo.

‘Got a weird empty space you wanna fill, put a £bern on it.’

Unsurprisingly, the tattoo has received plenty of attention, having racked up 9,390 likes so far and dozens of comments.

One Instagram user wrote: ‘My jaw literally dropped, this is so amazing,’ before requesting their own Bernie Sanders tattoo.

Another person added: ‘Holy smokes this is epic.’

But not everyone was impressed with the hilarious inking, with another person commenting: ‘Tattoos used to have meaning. Now it’s just about being cool.’

‘This tat says nothing of politics, it was done because of the meme.. Honestly, very corny.’

The original image, which has gone viral on social media, was taken by AFP photographer Brendan Smialowski at US President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The 79-year-old Vermont senator became an overnight meme sensation after he was pictured wearing a light-brown jacket and the over-sized mittens last Wednesday.

It has inspired countless memes worldwide and has become so popular that the woman who created the mittens has been inundated with requests for others who want the same.

Vermont school teacher Jen Ellis gifted Saunders the unique mittens on the campaign trail in 2016.


She claims the gloves have proved so popular that she has been inundated with hundreds of requests, but no longer has any for sale.

Meanwhile, Sanders has laughed off his status as a viral meme, telling a CNN reporter on Thursday that it ‘makes people aware there are good mittens in Vermont.’

‘We have some good coats as well,’ he added.

Speaking to Gayle King following the ceremonies, and after people flocked to Twitter to share their photoshopped creations featuring for his mittens and signature brown coat, the 79-year-old said that people in Vermont weren’t as concerned about their fashion.

‘In Vermont, we know something about the cold,’ Sanders said, ‘and we’re not so concerned about good fashion.

‘We want to keep warm. And that’s what I did today.’

King quickly replied with a laugh: ‘Mission accomplished.’

Twitter users also fell in love with Sanders’ outfit with many joking that he looked like he was heading to the post office as he clutched a manila envelope.

Others photoshopped Sanders into movie scenes and on everything from the New York Subway to manning a hotdog stand.

The image of Sanders is proving a lucrative business opportunity, with the photograph being sold on T-shirts, mugs and other items.

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