Meet The Woman Who Can’t Remember Stabbing Her Boyfriend

A teacher trainer fighting a murder charge after plunging a kitchen knife into her boyfriend’s heart told a jury today she has no memory of stabbing him.

Charlotte Kerr, 36, admits killing 29 year-old Giovanni Wallace, but claims she was acting in self-defence during yet another row, which began with him ‘aggressively’ kicking her out of bed.

Neighbours heard them rowing again at their small one-bedroom flat in Clyde Road, Addiscombe early on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

‘I have told you everything,’ claimed Kerr when cross-examined by prosecutor Danny Robinson QC. ‘I want to be able to give his family the answers.

‘I have spoken to grief counsellors, pastors and told you everything I know.’

The couple sometimes even had non-verbal rows via text messages when together in the flat and neighbours reported hearing frequent shouting matches, Croydon Crown Court was told.

Kerr described father-of-two Mr Wallace, whose children are from a previous relationship as ‘controlling, jealous and possessive,’ and was preventing her fleeing that flat that morning.

She claims he verbally abused her in the living-room, accusing her of cheating, and from behind placed one arm around her neck, pulled her hair and banged her head on the floor.

Kerr told the trial Mr Wallace collected several knives from the kitchen, threw one down on the living-room floor and pointed the largest blade at his own chest.

She says Mr Wallace also placed his hands around her neck and prevented her escaping the flat, asking her: ‘Is it a good day to die?’

Believing she was going to be killed Kerr claims she felt a hard object in her boyfriend’s pocket, which turned out to be his phone, and armed herself.

‘I don’t remember picking the knife up, but I know I did. I don’t know what was going on when the injury was inflicted,’ she told the court.

Kerr said Mr Wallace was abusive, strangled her five months previously and forced her to wear damp clothing.

She denied she was exaggerating to support her case. ‘I have not embellished anything. In fact I’ve held back,’ Kerr told the jury.

Mr Robinson asked her: ‘You don’t want to tell the truth do you?’ Kerr replied: ‘That’s all I want.’

Earlier Mr Robinson told the jury: ‘At 7.39am Ms Kerr spoke to a 999 operator and asked for an ambulance to come quickly to Clyde Road, Addiscombe.

‘Minutes earlier she had stabbed her boyfriend Mr Wallace in the chest with a kitchen knife.

‘When she made the 999 call Mr Wallace was lying on the stairs of the property and neighbours were trying to give him first aid.’

Sadly, despite the efforts of paramedics nothing could be done to save Mr Wallace and he was pronounced dead at the address at 8.26am.

‘She told the police officers that attended that she had stabbed Mr Wallace.

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