Meet ‘MCA Abdul’, The Young Rapper From Gaza

Meet ‘MCA Abdul’, The Young Rapper From Gaza

‘MCA Abdul’ is a young rapper from Gaza. His real name is Abdul Rahman. 

The 11-year-old boy is acquiring much-deserved attention for his powerful songs and delivery style, made more profound by the fact that Abdul Rahman lives with his family under a hermetic Israeli siege in Gaza.

“A clip of Abdul Rahman rapping in English surrounded by his school friends was uploaded on Instagram, where tens of thousands shared and commented on the young student’s rapping skills,” The New Arab wrote about the young artist in a recent article.

“Hi I’m Abdul. I’m a rapper and started at 9 years old. I am from Gaza but rap in English and want to meet producers, spread my message of peace/unity,” ‘MCA Abdul’ wrote to introduce himself to his over 45,000 Instagram followers.

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