Meet Lebanon’s Culinary Ambassador: MAROUN CHEDID

Awarded in 2013 the prestigious title of ‘Chef de L’Année a L’International’ by the Toques Blanches du Monde, Maroun Chedid is the first Lebanese Chef to be recognized for the active role he plays in developing and spreading the Lebanese Mediterranean gastronomy culture throughout the world.

Maroun Chedid Upbringing

Maroun grew up in the Lebanese village of Saghbine in the Bekaa valley, an area known for its richness in orchards, vineyards and farms.

His childhood spent in the midst of animal farms, bees and citrus fruits awakened his senses and played a vital role in setting him on the path of his lifelong quest to culinary perfection. Summers for him were spent in the South coast of Lebanon, where he was exposed to the wealth of the Mediterranean Sea, with all its beauty and diversity.

Maroun Chedid Style

His cuisine recognizes the authenticity of Lebanese food and its traditions and enriches it with spices and surprising combinations that are demanded by today’s modern palate. To this end, his cuisine has always been around the idea of respecting the product, its texture and flavor.

"Middle Eastern Cuisine"

He is a firm believer that tradition can evolve, but the fundamentals stay the same.

An ever-curious gourmet chef, Maroun is invested in exploring the world for inspiration to develop a scientific approach to his culinary expertise.

He continually develops new methods and works closely with laboratories to study the composition of each product he uses and its properties.

"Chef Maroun in front of TV cameras"

Maroun Chedid TV Journey 

TV Shows he has premiered in include ‘Bil Hawa Sawa’ on MTV Lebanon, in 2011 & 2012, where he cooked meals as part of the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ concept, filmed on a set suspended 50 meters off the ground, with 22 VIP guests per show.

The morning cooking shows, on MTV Lebanon, Well Done & Alive (2012 – 2015) which showcase traditional recipes that are cooked either with new techniques or with new ingredients discovered and refined by Maroun Chedid throughout his career.

In 2016, he starred in the Arabic language adaptation of the world-famous reality culinary competition television series, Top Chef Middle East. It is now in its fourth season and airs on UAE’s MBC 1, Egypt’s MBC Masr & Lebanon’s LB2.

"Chef Maroun and workshop participants"

Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy

Maroun Chedid’s Cooking Academy is dedicated to the love of food and cooking, offering a variety of workshops for professionals, amateurs and children.

"stuffed pastry workshop"

"pickles making workshop"

Maroun Chedid Consultancy 

From consulting restaurants and venues on their operations to creating enticing and creative menus, he leads in the hospitality industry with renowned restaurant and hotels.

"gourmet salad"

"eclairs made in the academy workshops"

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