Meet Ahmed Abbas, the Youngest Tailor in Gaza

There are many children in our society, who work for money and some have been used as laborers in different ways. The fear of violence has become a way in which children understand the world.

Gaza’s children have been left reeling from the violent escalation in conflict in May 2021. Lives have been lost and families shattered, with devastating impacts on children.

The story of Ahmed Abbas, the youngest tailor in Gaza is giving us hope.

A boy from Palestine has become the youngest tailor or fashion designer in the Gaza Strip.

Abbas has mastered the skills of sewing, and even fashion designing, not only through YouTube on the internet but also through learning from his father who has worked as a tailor for more than 30 years.

13-year-old Palestinian Ahmed Abbas used to watch his father making clothes at his small workshop in the Gaza strip for years before he one day picked up a pair of scissors and cut his first line of fabric.

Taking to Reuters, Ahmed Abbas said “I used to play with a sewing machine and I liked it. My father noticed me at that time and taught me how to do sewing. With time I learned to do not only sewing and also fashion designing and also everything related to tailoring.”

Amid the works, Ahmed still goes to school and after his class, he comes to the workshop where he has grown his own client base.

“Women in the workshop come to me and they feel comfortable with me as I am a little boy and they don’t feel shy in front of me,” said Ahmed.

The most recent escalation in the conflict has had a devastating impact on children and their families.

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