Mechanisms to stop the annexation of parts of the West Bank to Israel

It seems that the extremist Israeli government is proceeding with the implementation of the annexation plan, placing the area on the crater, and even igniting the explosion and blowing it, striking at the wall of all the protests and international rejection, and even the Israeli security warning.

The Israeli occupation government took advantage of the Corona pandemic and the world’s preoccupation with it, as it struck at the tendency of the weakness of the Arab countries and their exit from the battlefield due to internal infighting, at a time when in the white house there is a team working according to the indication of the Zionist lobby seeks to remain in power for the next period, whatever the bloody price is.

It has become imperative that active and sane forces in the world take steps to thwart the American-Israeli sabotage plot, save the region, and even save the free world before the Israeli right and extremism party apply the annexation process.

The bombing process, which is sure to happen in response to the annexation process, will not stop at certain borders, but will affect all parts of the world and threaten its security and tranquility, and the damage will be greater in light of the world’s preoccupation with the security services in fighting Corona virus.

Therefore, the free world, headed by active and supportive states for peace, should not remain idle and work hard to solve the Middle East problem, and at the utmost speed, in front of several previous initiatives that can be benefited from such as the Arab peace initiative put forward by the late King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, and the negotiations that It was sponsored by the International Quartet (the United Nations, the European Union, Russia and America). The Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and China as a superpower can join the Quartet as mediators in an international conference on comprehensive peace that discusses the fate of the region and the implementation of international legitimacy decisions, which originally came out with the approval and agreement of those countries and entities.

In conjunction with this, what is required, immediately and urgently, to unify the Palestinian ranks and stand in one row to confront this plan and present the Palestinian body strong and solid unified, has a word and one position to ward off any risks or exploitation of this rift and division.

Even if the President of the United States is a prisoner of extremism and the Zionist right is supporting a clumsy Israeli government, the rest of the countries, such as the European Union, must stand against Netanyahu’s plan and take real steps and measures, and avoid duplication in dealing with issues and differences in the world, as the Union has taken measures on an island Crimea, while nothing has been done, does not find any real step or behavior against the Israeli occupation, which is used to jumping from international laws and international resolutions.

Certainly, the West will pay a heavy price as a result of its inaction in confronting the practices of the Israeli occupation, its abandonment of Palestinian rights, and the failure to compel the occupation to implement international resolutions and the obligations it undertook before the world, claiming its pursuit of peace.

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