MBC3 Former Presenter Azza Zarour Announces Pregnancy (Video)

Palestinian presenter and YouTube star Azza Zarour has announced her pregnancy, through her Instagram account, where she published a video of her and her husband, Nour, in which she appeared with a swollen belly.

Azza chose an artistic way to announce her pregnancy, using a palette and colors, and sprayed the painting, eventually revealing the image of a fetus.

She commented on the video, saying: “A new beginning with you, Nour, my love, I can’t wait to see the product of our love and we love him so much. We are waiting for you, oh heart of Mama and Papa.”

Azza received many congratulations and blessings from her fans on Instagram, wishing her and her upcoming baby health and safety.

Through her YouTube channel, which is followed by millions of people, the former MBC3 anchor announced her pregnancy after she appeared with her husband while they received the result of a pregnancy test.

Azza revealed in the video that she and her husband, Nour, knew about the pregnancy last July, but they hid the matter until the pregnancy was confirmed, especially since the first months are usually difficult.

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